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Since 1949, Brown & Sons Automotive has been supplying Genesee and the surrounding counties with auto parts and industrial supplies. A family business from the very beginning, Brown & Sons has been a part of Flint for over 69 years. Our story is about steadfastness and the will to move forward in the face of changing competition and market changes. 


In the late nineteen Forties, Jack Brown sold out his partnership in a bakery in Brownsville, Pa. as well as a nightclub and restaurant and then moved to Flint, MI. A man of vision, Jack saw the growth of the interstate highways and how the automobile could become a key component in the growth of America. In 1949, Jack founded Brown and Sons Automotive supplies. Like many companies, Brown and Sons beginnings were humble, the companies first warehouse was the family garage. Jack peddled parts and chemicals using a Chevy station wagon, by the early fifties Brown and Sons moved into their first warehouse and retail facility on Lewis street. As the fifties continued Jacks three sons George, Jim, and Pete join the company. George and Pete expanded the outside sales force while Jim worked inside sales as well as handled the purchasing. In 1970 the company moved into its new state of the art warehouse and retail facility on Davision road. By this time Brown and Sons expanded its brand offerings as well as begins to specialize in the ACDelco brand. By the mid 80s Georges two sons Nick and Peter join the company for several years three generations of the Brown family worked under the same roof. There have been many changes over the years. Brown and Sons has continued to grow to add new product lines and grow its customer base. Over its seventy years of business, one thing has remained constant, and that's the value we put on our customers. Jack Brown put his imprint on Brown And Sons, with his work ethic, his business knowledge and his sense of respect he had for both his customers and his employees. Two later generations have learned from these qualities and have made Brown And Sons the company it is today. 

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