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Updated: Mar 14

The iconic building that was once known as the historic Ferris Bros company now has a new look. After 30 years, the building has been renovated and is now home to a new company called Ferris Wheel. This unique company offers the Flint community an extraordinary opportunity to grow by attracting businesses and entrepreneurs to the city. Ferris Wheel provides a space where entrepreneurs and businesses can rent out meeting spaces to collaborate under one roof.

Flint Ferris Wheel

By partnering with 100 Key Ideas, entrepreneurs can turn their dreams into reality by presenting their business ideas to college students. The students then conduct extensive research on the idea and explore various directions it can take. These two companies exemplify innovation and collaboration, providing an environment that fosters growth and development for all who step into the building.

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Updated: Mar 14

The Flint Farmers Market offers more than just food; it also fosters opportunities for people and contributes to the revitalization of the city of Flint. The Market provides a space for collaboration that inspires people from all areas to share their business ideas and create new ones. In addition to its diverse food options, the Market also offers a variety of non-food items. According to Gwen Pearson, the Market's social media assistant, "many small businesses get their start at this market. It gives them a chance to make a name for themselves and provides the tools they need to branch off and open their own local stores.”

Flint Farmers Market Flint, MI

With a diverse range of products and events, the Market is a community hub that brings people together. Recently, the Detroit Pistons donated gift cards to local children's sports teams, providing them with discounts at the Market. Overall, the Flint Farmers Market has sparked a revival in Flint and is helping to build a stronger, more connected community.

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Updated: Mar 14

After changing ownership several times over the years, Factory One was purchased by GM in 2013. On April 1st, 2016, during the building's restoration, Kevin Kerbitz, a former GM engineer, became the operations manager of Factory One. Today, Factory One serves as an archive, research center, and event space, and is home to a collection of early GM vehicles, including an early horse-drawn wagon built in the same building. The facility can accommodate up to 300 people.

Factory One Building in Flint, MI

Factory One is an important example of why preserving historic buildings is crucial for a city's history and its inhabitants. The site is open to public tours, so take the opportunity to visit this iconic landmark or call 810-777-5101 for more information. Don't forget to check out the linked website and video for a more in-depth look at Factory One.

Factory One Building Interior

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