The Flint Farmers Market provides more than food, they grow opportunity for people and builds on the rebirth of the city of Flint.  The Market presents a place for collaborations that inspires people from all areas to share their business and create new ones. This Market has a good diversity of food and other non-food items. According to the social media assistant, Gwen Pearson "many small businesses get their startup at this market. It gives them a chance to make a name for them self and the tools that allow them to branch off and open their own local stores".

The market also provides an opportunity for people and spread good things throughout the community, by hosting events and being open to donations. For example, last year the Detroit Pistons donated gift cards to all the childrens sports team around Flint which allowed them to get good discounts at the market. The Flint Farmers Market has created a spark that is growing Flint and bringing this community together through start-up opportunities and good food.